corrido[o]r   CORRIDO[O]R - Studies for a Philosopher's Room

Dimensions: 153.5 x 11.8in / 390 x 30cm.
Specialities: Leporello, two-sided, 19 layed full-colour photos, frottage, text and room-numbers at the back side, in box.
Edition: one of a kind.
Publishing date: 2005.


corrido[o]r   Corrido[o]r - studies for a Philosophers Room is a two-sided concertina fold, addressing the dynamic relation between what we are thinking about the world and the ways we give back the results of our thinking to the world. The successive numbers we read when we pass by, can be understood as the successive steps of our (re)thinking. One can walk this corrido[o]r along both sides: along the pictures of the entrances and along the words that make up a sentence. In this way the corrido[o]r functions also as a loop: we go from pictures to words and from words back to pictures.  

corrido[o]r   Each photoprint of the entrance of the philosophers room has a certain shade. The colours of each room represent the feeling that in one way or the other was evoked when I took the photos of the entrances. Nineteen rooms of philosophers at the second floor at the right of Vendelstraat 8 in the University of Amsterdam (re)present at the same time one Philosophers Room. The people who occupy these rooms colour them with their presence; give the room its meaning. They give colour and meaning to this limited space, breathing back these colours and meanings in to reality where we live the paces of their thoughts.