Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.2in / 29,7 x 21cm.
Specialities: 59 pages, e-book, ePub3, in Dutch, philosophical text, building on the outcomes of two symposia, with black/white and full colour pictures of installation Lebensraum and performance SWEEP.
Publisher: Wilde Oceans Publications, Amsterdam.
ISBN 978-90-804240-0-5
Publishing date: October 2016
Price: 9,50 incl. VAT
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Leaflet [Dutch only]

Over Schuld en Schaamte was generously supported by
Stichting Stokroos.

oses   Violence turns hope and expectation into guilt and shame. This publication discusses the outcome of a philosophical and artistic investigation into complex patterns of behaviour. Negative connotations and positive aspects of guilt and shame are connected convincingly to the artistic process that is used by the artist to produce new work. As a consequence, a different light is shed on the concepts of guilt and shame. The author shows in an intriguing way how adapting an artistic attitude can help us think in a more peaceful and independent manner.


Over Schuld en Schaamte (On Guilt and Shame) offers a new surprising insight into the ways violence can be transformed into hope and more rewarding practices.