Tine Wilde is an independent conceptual art professional whose multilayered and interdisciplinary work encompasses site-specific installations, performance, photography and philosophy.


    Tine Wilde   Tine Wilde (1955, Nijmegen, the Netherlands) studied fine art at AKI Academy for Art & Design in Enschede and read philosophy at the University of Amsterdam where she obtained a PhD for merging her artwork with philosophy in project Do not Erase and publication Remodel[l]ing Reality. The artist lives and works in Amsterdam.

Tine Wilde Tin Wilde

  Art as well as philosophy are about bringing something to consciousness in such a way that they enable us to gain insight into ourselves and the world. For this reason, Tine Wilde's inquiries into facts and values concerning social practices and cultural attitudes are triggered by questions rather than answers. State-of-the-art questions about the autonomy of the individual, the rules and methods we use to shape our lives, our subjective and collective memories. In a challenging way, Wilde calls into question the choices made and the solutions accepted, in which we show which aspects of reality are important to us and how we communicate what we value; how these values define our (cultural) identity.

The dynamics between the explicate structures of the ordinary world and the implicate processes of the human soul is explored in something she calls InstallationPackage: a cluster of site-specific installations, performances, photography, and text in which the same concept is elaborated from various points of view. Sometimes, parts from one installation are re-used in another installation to make new connections. On other occasions, local inhabitants, scholars or passers-by are asked to actively participate. But at all times the inquiries circle, like a package tour, one specific concept. For instance, in package Rhine Wilde focussed for more than two years on the concept of 'Life Quality', choosing Schaffhausen, Strasbourg, Cologne and Rotterdam to work for some time. Or the concept 'Meaning' which was examined in package Do not Erase.
  As a consequence, it may take several years to complete a package, taking into account not only the results, but also the processes that lead to the results. Philosophical reflection is intrinsically bound up with the package projects.

Her artistic output has been on view in galeries and institutions both at home and abroad, including Castrum Peregrini Amsterdam, DAAD gallery Berlin, FrauenMuseum Bonn, Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, amongst many others. In addition, she heightened the relation between language and image in performance Language and her Tighty-whities, investigated the question what happens to a human being when she is totally isolated from her natural and cultural environment and left to her own resources in a two-week stay at the fallout shelter of Dalfsen, received international recognition for her performance in Cologne where she crossed the river Rhine wrapped up in bandages, and was for sale amongst 34000 day-trippers at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen.
In 2011 she produced permanent photo-installation Corrido[o]r - Empty Space for the philosophy department at the OTM of the University of Amsterdam.

In 2006, she founded publishing platform Wilde Oceans Publications, dedicated to the production of artists' books. Most importantly Soul Space (2019), Remodel[l]ing Reality (2008) and Corrido[o]r (2005).

Related to the package projects, she delivers Masterclasses and public lectures on a regular basis.

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