Corrido[o]r Witregel

    Nineteen rooms of philosophers on the second floor at the right of Vendelstraat 8 in the University of Amsterdam present at the same time one paradigmatic Philosopher's Room. Each picture of the entrance of the philosopher's room has its own shade. The colours of each room represent the feeling that in one way or the other was evoked when I took the photos of the entrances. The people who occupy these rooms, colour them with their presence; they give the room its meaning. They give colour and meaning to this limited space, breathing the colours and their meanings back into reality, where we, in turn, live with the paces of their thoughts.
The first series of pictures were bound together in a concertina fold, addressing the dynamic relation between what we are thinking about the world and the ways we give the results of our thinking back to the world. The successive numbers of the rooms, read when passed by, can be understood as the successive steps of this (re)thinking. The word corrido[o]r has various meanings and connotations in this respect. The concertina fold was presented in the specific artistic environment of Arti et Amicitiae. By exhibiting this concertina fold on a pedestal table, one could walk around this corrido[o]r - alongside the pictures of the entrances and the words that make up a sentence.
  'In this way the Corrido[o]r functioned as a loop: we moved from pictures to words and from words back to pictures. Simultaneously, a photo-sequence addressing the same issue was installed at Vendelstraat 8, second floor on the right, representing this part of the philosophical community. In contrast to the concertina fold, which presents a bird's eye-view, one can only experience this installation in real time/space, while discovering that the photos of the entrances of the rooms hang next to the real entrances, thus offering a different perspective on the corridor itself as well as creating a different view of this philosophical community.

In 2010 the philosophers moved from Vendelstraat 8 to Oude Turfmarkt 141. Because of the different environment, the philosophers and I decided to make a new plan for the already existing installation and re-install it in accordance with the atmosphere of the present accommodation: Corrido[o]r turned into CORRIDO[O]R - WITREGEL. With the aid of the philosophers and the technical crew of the University of Amsterdam, the installation was scheduled to be finished before the beginning of the new academic year. The official opening took place on 3 November 2011 with an opening speech by Martin Stokhof.

  As of 2011   Permanent installation Corrido[o]r Witregel / Corrido[o]r-Empty space on view in the hall of the department philosophy University of Amsterdam, Oude Turfmarkt 141, Amsterdam. Dimensions 2708.7 x 0.6 x 173.2in / 6880 x 1.5 x 440cm.

  2005 - 2010   Photo-sequence Philosophers Room. Nineteen photo-prints, representing the entrances of the rooms at Vendelstraat 8, second floor, Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam.

  2.9 - 18.9 2005   Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam. Corrido[o]r - studies for a Philosophers Room. One-of-a-kind book, concertina fold, two-sided, on sheet iron pedestal table.
Dimensions 78.7 x 23.6 x 35.4in / 200 x 60 x 90cm.

Simultaneously exhibition of installation Corrido[o]r - studies for a Philosophers Room Vendelstraat 8, second floor on the right. Photo-sequence of nineteen photos on Japanese paper. Dimensions 472.4 x 38.2in / 1200 x 97cm.

  12.2004   Corrido[o]r. The philosophers on the second floor at the right at Vendelstraat 8 participated in the making of a first version of a website, which later extended to the entire philosophical community. The website was removed from the internet in 2007.