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project ZERO POINT

The question: 'What is the nature of God?' is intrinsically bound up with the inquiry into our relationship with reality. While project Soul Space (2019) had been an investigation into the human psychological perspective, asking in what ways God could be manifest as a hidden travel advisor during the service or ceremony of various religious communities, this second project ZERO POINT focusses on the spatial, geometrical perspective of the nature of God. As with Soul Space, the results will be shared in discussions, lectures, exhibitions and an artistsí book, in which the viewer is invited to contemplate a multilayered portrait of God.


December 2021

Article on an inquiry into the nature of our relationship with reality, to be released in December.

project LIGHT
Picture-project LIGHT situates the human eye between the Ptolemaic universe and the Big Bang universe. The former is a mathematical model of a geocentric universe assuming that the earth is stationary and at the centre of the universe while the heavenly bodies travel in uniform motion along the most 'perfect' path possible. The latter is the now leading explanation of how the universe began. Just like the Ptolemaic model the Big Bang representation comes from mathematical formulas and models. Astronomers can, however, see the 'echo' of the expansion through a phenomenon known as the cosmic microwave background: the early light - sometimes called the 'afterglow' of the Big Bang.