The question: 'What is the nature of God?' is intrinsically bound up with the inquiry into our relationship with reality. While project Soul Space (2019) had been an investigation into the human psychological perspective, asking in what ways God could be manifest as a hidden travel advisor during the service or ceremony of various religious communities, this second part of the inquiry focusses on the spatial, geometrical perspective of the nature of God. As with Soul Space, the results will be shared in discussions, lectures, exhibitions and an artists’ book, thought of as a ‘gesamtkunstwerk’, in which the viewer is invited to actively participate and contemplate a multipayered portrait of God.

Time and again the inquiry into the nature of God directs us to the basic human ability of pattern recognition on the basis of similar differences and different similarities. Firstly perceptual: ‘unguided’ we recognise patterns in the blots on a brick wall or a
  wallpaper (Leonardo da Vinci already pointed at this ability as a starting point for all art). Secondly, as an attempt to make human knowledge measurable through ‘information’. At present, we slowly come to understand how true knowledge means insight.

The pictureworks that will be produced within the scope of this inquiry into the nature of God invite the viewer to explore and contemplate the notion of spacetime as a dimension, in which meaning remains something unfinished, but in which 'measurability' is crucial for us. After all, when there is nothing to hold on to, we have to choose a point of departure from which we can (re)organise our lives in an attempt to understand who we 'really' are.

You are invited to contemplate the notion of spacetime as a multi-layered dimension and get immersed in a spatial, geometrical play in which the meaning of reality remains something indirect, flexible and fluid.


To finance the artists' book and exhibition, two smaller Fine art pictureworks are now for sale. They come in a special edition of five, signed and numbered at the back, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.






Dimensions: 56(w) x 42(h)cm / 22.04 x 16.53in
Technique: Fine Art Giclee print
Paper: Museum Archival paper
Mounted: behind TruLife Plexiglas on black acrylate
Frame: ash wood, with high quality black finish

Dimensions: 66(w) x 57(h)cm / 25.98 x 22.44in
Technique: Durst Lambda c-print
Paper: Fuji Crystal DPII half matte
Mounted: behind TruLife Plexiglas on black acrylate
Frame: ash wood, with high quality black finish


In search of a special gift or a solid investment? The offer is valid from 1 October 2020 through 31 December 2021.

For prices, detailed information and questions, please send an email to studio TINE WILDE