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The question: 'What is the nature of God?' is intrinsically bound up with the inquiry into our relationship with reality. While project Soul Space (2019) was an investigation into the human psychological perspective, asking in what ways God could be manifest as a hidden travel advisor during the services or ceremonies of various religious communities, this second project, ZERO POINT, focusses on the spatial-geometric perspective of the nature of God. As with Soul Space, the results are shared in discussions, lectures, exhibitions and an artistsí book, in which the viewer is invited to contemplate a multi-layered portrait of God.

Zero Point #S2020-02e

December 2021
An inquiry into the nature of our relationship with reality. Article, consisting of text and pictureworks, that unfolds the main ideas behind project ZERO POINT.


Trailer announcing the making of artists' book ZERO POINT. Watch it here