Installation HUIS    

    de molen

    The immediate necessity for me to remodel an old mill and turn it into an intimate shopping centre for memories is twofold. First of all, in 1995 I move to an old farmhouse with a barn to be renovated as a studio. Because the restoration takes up quite some time, my mind is automatically directed to questions concerning the concept of ‹Self›. Apart from this, I keep asking myself how an increasingly nomadic lifestyle will affect our personal and collective memories. Change, flexibility and the dynamics of life can only have meaning for us against some sort of a stable background, since our recollections and dreams are related to particular events that take place at particular locations and points in time. In my opinion, we need these fixed points as values of reference, so that our dreams and memories can be embedded in the secure   continuation of a lived world that reflects the history of our existence, the story of our life. Is this a dream or is this reality? Does it concern our inner or our exterior? Are we inside or outside?
A mill is transformed into a dwelling, where we can go back to the past and to our memories that make a web of references to the personal and the public, to the small everyday objects and the important events, to the present and the future. Isn't the whole world our home? Don't we all live under the stars...? This exhibition invites the audience to take a journey, crossing over proposals and suggestions that can be connected with each other in principle in an infinite multiplicity. The experiences can remain either anonymous or become meaningful as soon as the visitor colours them with his own history of images, memories, wishes and facts.

  5.10 - 8.11 1996   Installation HUIS(HOUSE), Foundation Beeldende Kunst Ag De Molen, Hengelo (NL) (solo)
Dimensions variable.