In this poetic and associative performance (Dutch only) I investigated to what extend an installation in art can be called a poem with proportion with the aid of   projections on all sorts of white underwear which were handed in by the audience. The afternoon was rounded off with the presentation of a publication.  

    Three clothes lines were hung at the far end of room VI of Arti et Amicitiae. The last line carried a double sheet serving as a projection screen for a beamer placed on a stepladder at the other side of the room. At the bottom of the stepladder, Arti technician Ed controlled the laptop with a PowerPresentation. The two other cloth lines were hung diagonally to the first one and were filled during the performance with all sorts of white underwear. Beforehand, the public was asked to hand in all sorts of underwear: men and women underpants, Jaeger knickers, briefs and panties made of lace or silk,   with or without legs - the sky was the limit as long as it was underwear and it was white. By hanging the underwear between the powerpoint projection and the double sheet we were able to create a three dimensional realm made of real and shadow objects. The text was read from paper and every finished page was thrown across the floor. At the moment a page was thrown, technician Ed who handled the laptop and beamer, did the same. In this way the performance unfolded itself as a multi dimensional poem - a poem with proportion.  

  5.11 2006   Visual lecture and presentation of publication Remodel[l]ing Reality
Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)