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Tine Wilde speaks about the production of project Zero Point as an example of her practice as a philosophising artist.
Date: April 2022
Length: 3' 57''

A single drinking glass was taken as the starting point for transformational processes of photographic images into 38 multi-layered pictureworks. Pictorial spaces that are variable and subject to chance in an experimental, unconscious method of choice, chance, inspiration and demolition. The results of split, remodel and repeat invite you to explore and contemplate the notions of space and time as a dimension, in which meaning remains something definitely unfinished, but in which measurability is crucial. After all, when there is nothing to hold on to, you have to choose a point of departure from which you can reorganise your life....

    Publication Soul Space
Printer: NPNdrukkers Breda
Publisher: Wilde Oceans Amsterdam
Date: November 2019
Length: 1' 05''

Soul Space is a poetic photo book about the ways in which God is manifest as a hidden travel advisor. Challenging the existing religious communities, Soul Space announces the birth of the eMigrant -an electronic Deity that will alter our world in an unprecedented manner...

  What is the nature of God?   Socrates' Daimonion
Venue: Leiden University
Date: November 2017
Length: 35' 34''

Socrates called it his Daimonion: a hidden travel guide who protected him on his journey through life by preventing him from doing something he was about to do. Socrates always listened carefully to the guide, because, according to him, this voice came from the Deity. Whatever the hidden travel advisor might be, in all cases our powers of imagination play a crucial role. With the inquiry into Socrates' Daimonion, I want to provide new insight into our evolutionary potential - our Soul Space - and, with that, to emphasise the importance of an artistic attitude ...

  Remodel[l]ing reality   Remodel[l]ing Reality - Symposium philosophy of Information (UvA)
Participants: Pieter Adriaans, Keith Devlin, John McCarthy, Tine Wilde
Chair: Jaap van den Herik
Venue: Cristofori Amsterdam
Date: March 2005
Length: 42' 20''

Is art in the end nothing but 'informationí? Yes in the trivial sense, but definitely No in another sense. All art is information, we could say, but not all information is art! Or - to put differently - we do not only want to be informed, but we also want to be inspired ...