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June 2024

Publication Zero Point has arrived! It investigates our interactions with the concept of 'measurability' in new pictureworks and a thought experiment. Have a look at all the details under 'BOOKS' where you can also find a leaflet with some information as well as a video-clip.

September 2023
LensCulture Review 2023:
..."Measuring the world is important. It is our primary tool to understand reality. But sometimes it is important to tell ourselves 'Stop seeking for meaning and just feel.' I think that is the ethical message you want to impart with this work, via this abstract language full of enigma. All in the service of 'the secret cord'. The thing that taps into the limitless, sublime unknowable."...

Several pictureworks from the series Zero Point are available at gallery Artsper, Paris. From September 1st, 2023 until August 1st, 2024.

July 2023
Filosofie en de kering naar kunst. How do the pictures Wittgenstein and his relatives took during his life relate to his philosophical work? The exhibition at the Leopold Museum in Vienna in 2021 demonstrated a complex network of resemblances, overlaps, and cross-references between Wittgenstein's way of working and the pictures he collected. In this essay, the network is used as an example to argue that a combination of philosophy and artistic sensibility might be a fruitful enrichment for a philosophical practise. Published in Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte ANTW, Volume 115, no.3, pp247-251. The essay can be found here.

April 2023
An artist's journey on a TUGboat. Article on the relationship between LaTeX, art (photography) and the concept of 'measurability'. Written for TUGboat - The Communications of the TeX Users Group, Volume 44, no. 1, April 2023, pp60-63. You can access the article here.

February 2023

Split, Remodel, Repeat. A presentation, commissioned by London Arts-Based Research Centre LABRC. Modernism Remodelled: A Transdisciplinary Conference, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University. February 25-26, 2023.

A recording of the presentation can be found here (duration 14.56 min)

December 2022

Zero Point #S2022-02e, 80 x 80cm, Face-mounted archival print. Salon exhibition, Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam 17.12 2022 - 9.1 2023.

October 2022

Tine Wilde speaks about her practise as a philosophising artist (Dutch only). Lecture commissioned by society De Engelenzang, Utrecht, 11.10 2022.

April 2022

Tine Wilde speaks about the production of project Zero Point as an example of her practise as a philosophising artist. A single drinking glass was taken as the starting point for transformational processes of photographic images into 38 multi-layered pictureworks. Pictorial spaces that are variable and subject to chance in an experimental, unconscious method of choice, chance, inspiration and demolition. The results of split, remodel and repeat invite you to explore and contemplate the notions of space and time as a dimension, in which meaning remains something definitely unfinished, but in which measurability is crucial. After all, when there is nothing to hold on to, you have to choose a point of departure from which you can reorganise your life.

Watch the video here (duration 3.57 min)

January 2022
Waarom een grijze vlam niet kan bestaan, M.v. Turnhout in Filosofie Magazine no.1-2022, pp33-35.

December 2021

Production of project ZERO POINT. The question: 'What is the nature of God?' is intrinsically bound up with the inquiry into our relationship with reality. While project Soul Space (2019) was an investigation into the human psychological perspective, asking in what ways God could be manifest as a hidden travel advisor during the services or ceremonies of various religious communities, this second project, ZERO POINT, focusses on the spatial-geometric perspective of the nature of God. As with Soul Space, the results are shared in discussions, lectures, exhibitions and an artistsí book, in which the viewer is invited to contemplate a multi-layered portrait of God.

An Enquiry into the Nature of our Relationship with Reality. Essay for Pari Perspectives - Ideas in Science, the Arts, Spirit and Community, Issue 10 Consciousness, December 2021, pp122-128. You can read about the ideas behind project ZERO POINT and enjoy the enclosed pictureworks here