In the course of time, articles have been published in peer reviewed journals either on paper or on the internet.They are listed here below. You might also want to consult PhilPapers. Furthermore, several books have been published ranging from a one-of-a-kind artists' book to a specially designed dissertation. In 2006 Wilde Oceans Publications was founded. A publishing platform dedicated to the production of artist's books.


Duurzaam Denken
(Thinking Sustainably)
  Column in philosophical journal Wijsgerig Perspectief, Volume 56,
nr. 01-2016 'Vruchtbare Twijfel', pp46-47

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De Artistieke Wending
(The artistic turn)
  Interdisciplinary Internet journal BLIND! nr. 29 Macht, October 2012 BLIND!

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Normativity and Novelty   in Cultures: Conflict-Analysis-Dialog in Gasser. G, Kanzian, C. Runggaldier (Eds.) Papers of the 29th International Wittgenstein Symposium ALWS 2006,Kirchberg am Wechsel (AT), pp370-372

See also the online Agora-project Wittgenstein Archives of the University of bergen (N)

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Wittgenstein over Kleur-
concepten en Kleurervaring
  in Kleurenvisie. Volume 58, nr.3, pp11-13 Nederlandse Vereniging van Kleurenstudie NVvK September 2005

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Remodel[l]ing Reality
(Dutch only)
  Interdisciplinary Internet journal BLIND! nr. 4 Wetenschap en Kunst, April 2005 BLIND!

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Zwemmen   Een onderzoek naar de relatie tussen filosofie en installatiekunst met betrekking tot de vraag naar betekenis in Catalogue Eau Revoir - Ithaka#13 Leuven (B), Spring 2005

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Reflexieve dynamiek in het
latere werk van Wittgenstein
  Een onderzoek naar verbanden tussen zijn opmerkingen over
kleur aspecten zien en zekerheid in Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte ANTW, Volume 96, nr.2, 2004, pp85-113

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Installatiekunst biedt vragen
in plaats van antwoorden
  Boekman 58/59: Kunst en Wetenschap Volume 16, Spring 2004, pp136-139

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The Project Poems Part I   E-publication in PGS online journal Apotheosis Volume V, nr 2,3 - 2004 Volume IV, nr 2,3 - 2003 Volume III, nr 6 - 2002


The 4th Dimension. Wittgenstein
on Colour and Imagination
  in Persons. An Interdisciplinary Approach Kanzian. C , J. Quitterer and E. Runggaldier (Eds) Papers of the 25th International Wittgenstein Symposium ALWS 2002 Kirchberg am Wechsel (AT) pp284-286

See also the online Agora-project Wittgenstein Archives of the University of Bergen (N)

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Post - Brieven aan het Publiek
(Mail - Letters to the Public)
  Four reflections, written during a two-week stay at the Fallout shelter in Dalfsen. Made public through newspapers in July and August 1998
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    WILDE OCEANS PUBLICATIONS is a small independent Dutch publisher, based in Amsterdam and founded in 2006 by artist and philosopher Tine Wilde. WOP is a platform for the production of artists' books. Related to the content, every issue has its own rule of appearance and distribution. Click the thumbnails below and discover more.

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        Soul Space   Over Schuld en Schaamte


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  Living Picture   Remodel[l]ing Reality   ReRe   Corrido[o]r

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