Installation SHELTER HOLIDAY    

    Shelter holiday  

    Beneath the local government offices in Dalfsen, a small town situated near the river called Overijsselse Vecht, the Dutch army has built a fallout shelter. A large and empty basement totally isolated from the world. Initially this cellar was meant to provide safety to a number of privileged citizens during a nuclear disaster or a nuclear war. After the fall of the Iron Curtain and the détente between East and West, the fallout shelter is currently used by a group of artists who call themselves Stichting Safe. They are allowed to use the space, provided that the shelter can be made operational immediately whenever necessary.

What happens to a human being when she is totally isolated from her natural and cultural environment and left to her own resources? In his book Geen Paniek - bescherming tegen rampsituaties (Don't Panic - protection against disasters) which was written in
  1987, the then minister of defence Joris Voorhoeve explains how we can protect ourselves against catastrophes. He offers a survey of different ways to survive. As a recommendation for civilians to be prepared at all times, he introduces a number of medical clues for domestic purposes and also an emergency ration. This ration is supposed to enable us to pull through for fourteen days in our cellar at home or in a fallout shelter. During my two-week stay I test some of this emergency ration and I try to shed some light on the feasibility of the survival scenarios discussed by Voorhoeve.

From Saturday 25th of July until Saturday 8th of August 1998 I am locked up in the fallout shelter of Dalfsen. The public outside can keep up with the proceeding of this event by means of four letters that are published in newspapers.

  27.9 1998   Over Denken en Doen (On Thinking and Acting) Lecture fallout shelter Dalfsen (NL).

  29.8 - 2.9 1998   Installation De Wereld is het Mooiste waar ze Ophoudt... (The World is most Beautiful the Moment she Stops...) dimensions variable, fallout shelter Dalfsen. (solo)

  25.7 - 8.8 1998   A two-week stay in the fallout shelter in Dalfsen (NL), made public through newspapers by way of four letters. (very solo)

      Board game G.O.S. - the Great Survival Game. Ink on cherry wood,
dimensions 50 x 50 x 8cm | 19,68 x 19.68 x 3.14in, with play rules and pawns.

      Pictureworks: Rorschach Raumüberdruck